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Production site of large-span impeller compost turning machine


The super long span fermentation compost turning machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used with solar energy fermentation chamber, fermentation tank and mobile machine. It can be used together with the mobile machine to realize the use of one machine with multiple slots. The matching fermentation tank can be used for continuous discharging and batch discharging. High efficiency, stable operation, strong and durable, even flip. With advanced digital program control, remote control operation can be realized, such as forward, backward, turning over, etc. The electronic control equipment is equipped with frequency conversion. 

Production site of large-span impeller compost turning machine
Advantages of large-span impeller compost turning machine:
  1. 1. High turning depth: the turning depth can reach 1.5-3 meters;
  3. 2. Large flipping span: its maximum flipping width can reach 30 meters wide;
  5. 3. Low energy consumption of turning and throwing: adopts a unique energy-saving and high-efficiency transmission mechanism, which reduces the energy consumption of traditional turning and throwing equipment by 70% under the same workload;
  7. 4. No dead corners during flipping: The roulette is flipped symmetrically, and there is no dead corner flipping under the displacement of the speed-adjusting shift trolley;
  9. 5. High degree of automation: equipped with a fully automated electrical control system, no personnel operation is required during the operation of the equipment.