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Site map of hot air stove sent to Nigeria


 On October 18, 2019, the hot air stove produced by our company will be sent to Nigeria on time. Nigerian users show that the fertilizer production project is a new project, and all equipment has been put into the plant, and the hot air stove can be put into production only after the hot air stove is in place, and the delivery period is relatively tight. Therefore, our production technicians work overtime and make delivery time. Finally, we can deliver the goods in time in the time stipulated in the contract, so that the users can put into production in time.
Site map of hot air stove sent to Nigeria

The hot air stove has two functions

1. Drying effect. This is also the main function of hot air stove. Ceramic, chemical fertilizer and various products can be dried by hot air stove. After drying in gas-fired hot blast stove, the preservation of these products is favorable.

2. Used for heating air. After the air passes through the hot blast stove and flows out again, the hot blast stove can heat the air.