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  • Straw Crusher

Straw Crusher

Crop straw crusher can crush corn straw, straw, peanut skin, beanstalk, flowers and other burning residues. It avoided the burning of crop straw, protected the environment, and effectively developed renewable energy. The machine is reliable in operation,
Model: 9Z-0.5/9Z-1.2      
Motor Power: 3 / 3
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The straw crusher is mainly used for chopping processing of plant straws such as crop straws and branches with a diameter of 5 cm or less, and can also be used for chopping processing of various crop straws and pastures. The crushing machine is mainly used for chopping processing of biomass such as cotton stalks, bark, branches, corn stalks, wheat straw, straw etc. The processed products can be used for power generation, paper making, wood-based panels and refined alcohol.

1. The main parts of the products are wear-resistant materials for special treatment, which can be continuously pressurized and durable.
2. The design of fully automatic control electric heating device can adjust the dry humidity of materials at will, ensure the stability of material molding, and improve work efficiency.
3. The product is reasonable in design, reliable in manufacturing quality, simple in structure, it’s easy to operate, small in size, small in floor space, and labor-saving.
4. It is applied to all kinds of biomass (corn straw, straw, straw, rice straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corn core, twigs, leaves, sawdust and other agricultural products as raw materials or wood waste).
9Z-0.5 3 0.5
9Z-1.2 3 1.2
9Z-2.5 5.5 2.5
9Z-5.0 5.5 5
9Z-8.0 7.5 8
9Z-10.0 15 10
9Z-12.0 18.5 12
9Z-30.0 37 30
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