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The significance of using organic fertilizer equipment


1. Reduce environmental pollution

The chicken farm uses organic fertilizer equipment, and the chicken manure can be cleared at any time. Fresh chicken manure is processed by a series of organic fertilizer production equipment such as pile turning machine, semi-wet material crusher, mixer and dryer. The first is to remove odors; The second is to completely kill all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, eggs, grass seeds in chicken manure; The third is to remove harmful substances in chicken manure, chicken drug residues and bird flu viruses. This can minimize the pollution of the air and the damage and loss of the environment, humans, animals and plants.

2, the full development and utilization of resources

Since the introduction of organic fertilizer equipment, a large number of livestock and poultry manure has become a huge precious wealth, scientific development and utilization, turning waste into treasure. It is a good raw material for the manufacture of bio-organic fertilizer, and also brings certain economic benefits to farmers.

3, conducive to human health and survival

Untreated animal manure contains high content of sulfur, ammonia and other substances, breeding mosquitoes and flies, spread a variety of diseases. Through the treatment of organic fertilizer equipment, it plays a corresponding preventive role in human survival and health.

4. Create economic benefits for the society

As the export index of agricultural products exceeds the standard, it directly affects the foreign exchange earning of agricultural products in China. The top priority is to produce high-quality agricultural products and enhance their competitiveness in the international market. The downside is significant.

5. Increase farmers' incomes and find employment for surplus labor

The organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer production line has changed the quality of agricultural products, increased the output, brought higher earnings to farmers, solved the employment of part of China's labor force, and accelerated the pace of farmers getting rich.