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What matters do you need to purchase organic fertilizer equipment?


There are many considerations when buying organic fertilizer equipment. Blind assembly of organic fertilizer production lines is impossible to use safely. Need to train professional personnel to operate organic fertilizer equipment, in order to use in the future safe production, but also need professional maintenance. Only in this way can the organic fertilizer equipment be maintained in time. There are ways to deal with the variety of problems that can arise in a device. Similarly, in the production of organic fertilizer equipment, we must pay attention to safety, with security to better work. The following for you to explain the use organic fertilizer equipment should pay attention to several points:

1, master the equipment performance familiar with the operation method, maintenance points, production capacity and application range of organic fertilizer equipment, familiar with the function of each controller and alarm device of the equipment, at the same time, be sure to read the "warning" instructions carefully, pay attention to the organic fertilizer equipment under low pressure operation, high temperature and other conditions will cause safety accidents.

2, familiar with the operation procedures of the safe production of organic fertilizer equipment depends on the careful operation of the operator and the mastery of the technical performance of the equipment, so it is the responsibility of each operator to be familiar with and master the operation requirements of organic fertilizer equipment, safety risks and work site preventive measures and management to discuss such issues.

3. Check the organic fertilizer equipment before starting the machine, it is necessary to confirm the safety of the protection device without damage, check whether the oil circuit system is normal, whether there is oil leakage, check whether the components in the organic fertilizer are normal equipment fastening installation, etc., to ensure that the equipment has no hidden dangers before the machine can be started.

1. Cut off the circuit. Always disconnect power to all electrical controllers before performing any form of maintenance work on organic fertilizer equipment and any components. Then check the hydraulic station to make sure the hydraulic system has been relieved. 2. Hang warning signs. When inspecting organic fertilizer equipment, we must notify the operator and nearby staff, and post a warning sign of "under maintenance" to prevent others from starting the machine during maintenance, otherwise it will cause immeasurable safety accidents.