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Compost quality and standard of organic fertilizer equipment


 Considering that compost in the organic fertilizer production line is not only involved in waste disposal, but also as an agricultural and forestry fertilizer (amendment) product, the quality of the compost product is actually affected by both environmental and fertilizer standards, that is, to meet the relevant environmental standards for waste disposal, such as compost hygiene standards, compost agricultural standards, organic fertilizer and soil amendments standards, etc. The quality of compost products involves many factors, including physical and chemical index, health index, biological index and so on. Compost quality usually includes particle size, pH, soluble salt content, product stability, presence of harmful ingredients such as weed seeds, heavy metals, plant toxins and impurities.

Good compost should be: particle size less than 1.3 cm, pH 6.0 to 7.8, soluble salt concentration less than 2.5 ms/cm, low respiration rate, no weed seeds, pollutant concentration below national standards. The use of this compost is generally unrestricted. Respiration rate is obtained by measuring oxygen consumption. If the respiration rate is high, it means the compost is not stable yet.

Ripening time also affects the quality of the compost. Composts that decompose well tend to have lower pH, better compost structure, and higher nitrate-N content. The quality of the finished compost also depends on the environment in which it is stored. Although microbial activity basically stops during storage and the compost temperature drops, composting is not complete and will continue until all available carbon is used up. This means that at the end of the composting period, the compost must be kept dry or piled into small piles to promote aerobic respiration and further fermentation. The compost environment, once anaerobic, is likely to produce odors and some organic acids that are harmful to plants.

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