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Precautions when using radiator in drum fertilizer dryer


 The following introduces the matters needing attention when using radiator in drum fertiizer dryer:

1. The inlet pipe of the steam radiator of the drum fertilizer dryer should be kept reasonably equal to the pipe diameter of the inlet and outlet water joint.

2, before steam input, should first open the blowdown pipe stop valve, exhaust the internal cooling water, close the valve, open the inlet and return water valve pipeline, and then steam sent to preheat. Control the preheat for at least 10 minutes. After preheating, cold air can be blown to reduce the formation of condensation water when steam and cold water exchange, resulting in icing.

3. When the drum fertilizer dryer radiator is not in use, the residual water should be discharged first, which can effectively prevent the abnormal situation of freezing and cracking pipeline in winter.

4. Check the radiator on time. Check whether the pipeline is damaged and whether there is abnormal air leakage or water leakage. When problems arise, they must be solved immediately.

5. The water feeder in the drum fertilizer dryer cooling line should be cleaned regularly to keep the water feeder clean.

Organic fertilizer equipment needs to be operated and maintained in strict accordance with the instructions in the process of use, and should be maintained regularly in the process of use. This will extend the service life of the equipment and reduce equipment failures, thus improving the efficiency and safety of the equipment.