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Why is chicken manure organic fertilizer granulator more and more popular?


 Chicken manure organic fertilizer is made from chicken manure and microorganisms, and is no different from organic fertilizer in terms of raw materials and production processes. After microbial fermentation, chicken manure has no odor and can effectively remove harmful bacteria and harmful substances in chicken manure. It is much better for farmers to apply organic fertilizers than to use chicken manure or chemical fertilizers alone.
Chicken manure organic fertilizer granulator is a special machine for organic fertilizer production. It has become more and more popular in recent years. The market feedback of organic fertilizer granulator is very good. Organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers are also evolving in the competition. Why organic fertilizer granulator has become the main force of organic fertilizer equipment?

Nowadays, people's living standards are constantly improving, and the technology of organic fertilizer production equipment is also developing. People's preference for high-quality non-polluting agricultural products and green products is getting higher and higher. The planting requirements of green and non-polluting agricultural products are very strict. Green and pollution-free agricultural products, but need scientific fertilizers. The scientific fertilizer mentioned here is to mix organic and inorganic fertilizers together to achieve the best application effect, which can be achieved by fertilization produced by organic fertilizer granulator machine.
Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers continue to develop and produce new and more efficient organic fertilizer equipment. Chicken manure organic fertilizer must have factories and warehouses, and require fermented organic materials and heating and drying granulation machinery. In order to improve the quality, the manufacturer must add chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment, the organic fertilizer production equipment horizontal mixer can make the microbial bacteria can be evenly mixed in the raw materials such as chicken manure, use the organic fertilizer polishing machine to fully ferment, and need to use the chicken manure dryer to remove For the water in the fermented product, choose the fertilizer packaging scale after granulation by the disc granulator.