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Welcome Saudi customers to visit the factory


On October 28, 2019, customers from Saudi Arabia came to our company for actual visit. In the early stage, our sales staff have fully understood the needs of customers, so this conversation pays more attention to the future cooperation. After a friendly and in-depth conversation, our general manager and sales manager accompanied customers to visit the factory.

Welcome Saudi customers to visit the factory
The general manager of the company introduced the equipment of organic fertilizer production line in detail, and the customers gave certain affirmation and praise to the company's products, and had a strong interest in our products.

Then, after the foreign friends visited the workshop and equipment, the general manager accompanied them to the conference room to discuss matters related to cooperation. At the meeting, the customers put forward many constructive suggestions and gave certain affirmation to the products and equipment, which laid a solid foundation for the further cooperation between the two sides in the future.