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Organic fertilizer equipment should be used in agricultural waste resource utilization


Agricultural waste and resource utilization in the process of agricultural production and breeding are complementary complex of ecological cycle. In this ecological complex, resources are converted into organic fertilizer equipment for processing. Therefore, the processing of organic fertilizer equipment plays a central role. Analysis of the central role of organic fertilizer processing equipment in agricultural planting and breeding ecology On the one hand, in agricultural production, agricultural planted products are processed into feed to feed farm livestock and poultry. Part of the feed is digested by livestock and poultry, and most of it becomes waste such as feces, which becomes a difficult problem in livestock and poultry breeding. On the other hand, in order to promote the sustainable development of farmland and the healthy growth of crops, agricultural cultivation needs a lot of organic fertilizer to meet the nutritional needs of crops. In traditional methods, crops are applied directly to the crop, or simply stacked and applied later, resulting in crop diseases, pests and other seedlings burning. In order to solve this problem, after many research institutions experiment and practice, the development of livestock and poultry manure and crop straw processing organic fertilizer. Through a series of technological means, the process of connecting the two in series - using organic fertilizer equipment processing, collecting and harmless farms produced a large number of livestock and poultry manure and crop waste straw, into organic fertilizer rich in organic matter and trace elements. Then, organic fertilizers are applied to agricultural fruits, vegetables, tea and other crops to promote crop growth, and some crops are supplied to farms as feed. The processing of organic fertilizer equipment is such a connection between reproduction and planting, forming an ecological cycle. This is the center. In the process of agricultural waste recycling, the processing of organic fertilizer equipment is to achieve the purpose of recycling. Large-scale development of planting ecological resources utilization and development in our country agriculture production has entered the large-scale development stage currently. It is the important part of the structural reform of Chinese agriculture supply side to explore the effective technical path and governance mode of constructing agricultural waste resource utilization, promote the transformation of agriculture to the green development and realize the sustainable development of agriculture. With the continuous in-depth promotion of relevant national policies, as well as the innovation of environmental protection technology and agricultural technology brought by a new round of scientific and technological revolution, as well as the extensive application of intelligence and information technology, it is bound to provide broader development opportunities for the development of agricultural waste recycling industry, andorganic fertilizer production lines will further develop.