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Installation, use and maintenance of urea crusher


First, installation and debugging

1. Connect the main engine, cyclone unloader and dust removal system of organic fertilizer crusher  in turn, and the connecting flange must be tightly sealed without leakage.

2. Connect the power cord and ground wire of the host motor. There should be no obstacle between the working position and the control switch. The position of the control switch should be easy to operate. 

3. Rotate the spindle of urea crusher, there is no abnormal sound in the listening cavity. If so, open the crushing chamber to remove the foreign object.

4. Start the test run under the condition of ensuring correctness and man-machine safety, and check whether the direction of steering is consistent with the direction shown. If not, simply swap the two motor wires.

 Usage method

1. Start the equipment that has been installed and debugged without load, and it can be put into operation after 2-3 minutes of no-load operation. Do not let metal, stone, etc. stray into the machine during feeding.

3. If there is any different response during the working process, stop the machine immediately and continue production after troubleshooting.

4, stop the machine, should first stop the feeding, the main engine continues to run for 2-3 minutes, wait for all the material discharged after the stop.

Maintenance and maintenance

1, disassemble the shell of the crusher regularly, check whether the tooth plate fastening nut is loose and worn, if loose, tighten, if worn, it should be replaced. After a certain period of use, the tooth disc is seriously worn, which affects the grinding effect. At this time should replace the tooth disc.
2. The blades and inner wall of the wind turbine and pipe must be inspected every month to remove hardened dust.

3, suction pipe and connecting flange leakage, should be taken sealing measures.

4. The dust collection bag should be beaten frequently to ensure its air permeability, and the dust accumulated under it should be cleaned regularly to increase the filter area of the cloth bag.