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Advanced and reliable extrusion organic fertilizer granulator


 Extrusion type organic fertilizer granulator is granulation equipment. It is produced by non drying process at room temperature. There are four specifications for one-time molding and output of 1-4 tons / hour. The equipment has the advantages of less investment, quick effect and good economic benefit.

Advanced and reliable extrusion organic fertilizer granulator
The equipment layout of extrusion fertilizer granulation process is compact, scientific and reasonable, and the technology is advanced. Energy saving and consumption reduction, no three wastes discharge, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for granulation of compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed and other raw materials with high granulation rate.

Advantages of extruding organic fertilizer granulator:
1. In one step, the spherical particles can be directly produced without any size and material return. The pelletizing rate is more than 95%. It has the function of drying. Therefore, the production cost is low and it is suitable for machine sowing.
2. Low requirement of raw material moisture, easy drying and post-treatment, low drying cost. Because it can be dried at low temperature or in the air, it will not affect the number of bacteria in the biological fertilizer.
3. The wear of wearing parts is small and the cost is low.
4. The problem of sticking to the plate when the content of urea in green fertilizer formula is high is solved.
5. The granulator machine for fertilizer has wide adaptability to all kinds of materials used in organic fertilizer granulation.