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Advantages and disadvantages of common fertilizer granulator on the market


The double roller extrusion granulator belongs to dry granulation, which does not need drying process, has high granulation density, good fertilizer efficiency and full organic matter content; the fertilzier pellet machine also saves money for purchasing dryer and cooler, and does not need to burn coal in the later stage, which saves a large part of capital. However, the extrusion granulator is flat and round, so it is easy to jam the machine when the field crops are sown by machine, and the fluidity is not very good. Therefore, if it is for the organic fertilizer made by machine planting farmers, this granulation process should be used with caution.

Drum granulator is a process that has been used in compound fertilizer granulation. It can be used to produce organic fertilizer. It is not easy to stick to the wall and has high yield. It can also be used to make compound fertilizer such as high nitrogen fertilizer. This fertilizer granulation process can be used for raw materials with high viscosity.

Advantages and disadvantages of common fertilizer granulator on the market
New type organic fertilizer granulator this granulation process is the most popular product in our factory, and also widely favored by customers. This process has high output and smooth particles. But need to buy dryer, cooler, this kind of process organic fertilizer complete equipment price is slightly expensive.

Disc granulator is a more traditional process. I highly recommend this kind of granulator. It has smooth granulation and good selling appearance. The only disadvantage is low density. At present, people are pursuing new and new granulation methods, so the users are less and less.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the mainstream granulator machine for fertilizer on the market. You can choose the granulator you want here. If your investment fund is limited or the sales market has not been opened, I suggest that you can first set up a production line of double roller extrusion granulator. The price of the whole set of organic fertilizer equipment is low, and the granulation fertilizer efficiency is good When you open the market, you can increase the output and purchase more equipment.