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Application range of organic fertilizer granulator


The organic fertilizer granulator is biological fertilizer granulation equipment that fully absorbs, learns from, transforms, and utilizes advanced technology and experience at home and abroad. It overcomes the problems of high temperature sterilization, unsmooth pelleting, and difficulty in drying. Through reasonable design, The simple structure, as well as keeping bacteria at room temperature, uniformizing the granules, and smoothing the granulation, realizes the effect of 100% organic fertilizer content, solid granules, and integration of granulation and sieving.

The current granulator machine for fertilizer can achieve the goal of bio-organic granulation and feed pellet production, filling the gap of domestic granulating machinery with multiple functions. The organic fertilizer granulator equipment realizes the use of "organic fertilizer sludge, carbon grass, lignite, straw" as raw materials, and "effective drying, high temperature sterilization, and rapid pelleting" to obtain bio-organic fertilizer granules; organic fertilizer granulation The machine realizes the granulation of organic compound fertilizer with chicken manure and other organic fertilizer as the main raw material. The granulator equipment realizes the use of bean cake as the main raw material to obtain cake fertilizer for granulation.

Organic fertilizer equipment granulator uses beans, corn and grass powder raw materials to obtain full-price feed and mixed feed pellets; fifth is to obtain bio-straw pellets as the main raw material of crop waste straw. It can be said that the purpose and scope of application of the organic fertilizer pellet machine itself, as well as the applicability of granulation are all done best. In addition, the brand organic fertilizer granulator has simple maintenance, easy installation and trial, stable equipment performance, and overall the operation is reasonable and has won unanimous praise in the industry and won a good reputation.