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Build an organic fertilizer equipment processing plant to produce pig manure organic fertilizer


Organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer containing organic matter, which can not only provide various organic and inorganic nutrients for crops, but also fertilize soil. Rich in a large number of beneficial substances, including: a variety of organic acids, peptides and rich nutrient elements including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, is the production of green food fertilizer.

The process of pig manure processing organic manure is to first mix fresh pig manure with plant straw, adjust the moisture to about 55%, use the fermentation throwing machine to turn and mix evenly can start fermentation, fermentation cycle is about 20 days, completely decomposed pig manure is black brown, and then use the forklift to pour the material into the forklift bin, bin to transport the raw materials to the shredder inside, use the granulation equipment to make particles, Through the roller screening machine to remove the impurities inside, and finally the use of automatic packaging machine packaging into bags, to complete the whole pig manure organic fertilizer processing process.

Configuration of small pig manure organic fertilizer equipment: The configuration of small pig manure organic fertilizer equipment only requires shredders, mixers, granulators, screening machines and packaging machines to complete the production. Small organic fertilizer equipment configuration belongs to low and medium configuration, whether it is capital investment or personnel configuration, in general, small organic fertilizer equipment is acceptable to ordinary processors, and the quality of organic fertilizer equipment configuration directly affects the level of efficiency. Therefore, we choose small organic fertilizer equipment, not blind choice, must choose a good small organic fertilizer production line configuration is good.

The equipment for processing organic manure of pig manure is reasonable in design and stable in operation, which can well carry out harmless treatment of fresh pig manure and meet the standard of organic manure. The finished organic manure of pig manure is rich in a variety of organic microorganisms, which can provide nutrition for crops well and improve soil quality.