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Introduction to processing technology of organic fertilizer


Now more and more farms and waste treatment equipment manufacturers began to research and develop, production of waste fermenter. The organic fertilizer production process of planting and cultivation mode includes: solid-liquid separation, solid manure fermentation, liquid manure oxidation pond treatment and so on. The main equipment of the organic fertilizer processing technology is granulator, mixer, overthrowing equipment, etc.

Our company several sets of organic fertilizer equipment research and development, production in one, has a number of fertilizer production lines (biological organic fertilizer production line, pig manure organic fertilizer production line, drum granulator production line, npk production line, etc.) and fermentation equipment, screening system, batching system, granulation equipment, drying equipment and other organic fertilizer production line machinery and equipment. Is the domestic research and development production of organic fertilizer production equipment and organic fertilizer production line of rapid growth enterprises. Can provide the most perfect overall design scheme for the construction of organic fertilizer plant, and responsible for pre-sales consultation, organic fertilizer production line configuration, organic fertilizer equipment installation and debugging, after-sales maintenance and other one-stop services, so that your organic fertilizer plant production, operation more worry.

Bioorganic fertilizer is especially suitable for land reclamation and soil improvement because of its high content of organic matter. Bio-organic fertilizer is suitable for a wide range of fields, including a variety of food crops, cash crops, organic farms, etc., have a high demand for bio-organic fertilizer, and the food and vegetables produced by the application of bio-organic fertilizer taste better