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Common failures and causes of organic fertilizer equipment


Organic fertilizer production equipment, in the process of fertilizer production will inevitably appear some failures. Perhaps because of the quality of equipment, perhaps because of improper use, perhaps because of long-term use caused by parts wear, organic fertilizer equipment for a long time will appear some failures. How to find the fault of organic fertilizer equipment? What causes the breakdown?

1. Motor overheating of organic fertilizer equipment and abnormal sound.

Fault causes: (1) bearing poor lubrication or serious wear; (2) Fan blades fall off or wear; Poor contact of the switch line, or break the line to run single-phase; The voltage is too low.

2 organic fertilizer equipment in the operation of the sound is not normal, the cylinder is stuck by obstacles, even so that the cylinder cannot rotate, the bottom box vibrates.

The cause of the failure: by the bottom of the object stuck; Magnetic block off, make the cylinder rattle, serious will make the cylinder skin scratch.

3. The reducer overheats

Fault causes: (1) insufficient oil or poor oil quality; Gear and worm wear too much, or meshing is not good; (3) Bearing poor lubrication or serious wear.

4. The magnetic field strength of organic fertilizer equipment becomes weak

Fault causes: the temperature is too high; Sun exposure; Acid-base corrosion. It can be measured with a Gaussian meter.

In order to reduce the failure rate, we should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance before normal use to extend the overall service life of the equipment. Reasonable maintenance, each time the work is completed, must check and maintain organic fertilizer machine, mainly focusing on the transmission part, lubrication part and residual material cleaning, overhaul and maintenance, is the hard reason that organic fertilizer equipment can be used for a long time.