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The whole set of organic fertilizer equipment helps the development of ecological agriculture


Planting industry produces various crop straws every year, which is a large number of sustainable and valuable resources. If comprehensive utilization is carried out, it can not only turn waste into treasure, protect the ecological environment, but also promote the sustainable development of agricultural production. Organic fertilizer production line will be used to pretreat livestock and poultry manure into the organic fertilizer stirring fermentation device after fermentation, according to a certain proportion of the added nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements, so that the trace elements to meet the production standards of organic fertilizer, after stirring, grinding, forming, drum granulator, drying, packaging and other processing technology, Processing livestock and poultry waste into high fertilizer efficiency, convenient transportation, safe use and affordable organic fertilizer.


Development plan of organic fertilizer production line technology: (1) Research and develop the processing technology of organic manure of livestock and poultry, and develop a set of livestock and poultry manure fermentation equipment; (2) Using the developed livestock manure fermentation technology and equipment for the pilot production of organic manure, the quality of the produced organic manure is better than the relevant national standards; (3) To explore the complete livestock and poultry manure harmless treatment and livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer production line processing technology and technology, formulate the appropriate technical specifications, with the cooperation of breeding enterprises, to build a livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer production line, annual production of livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer 3 000 ~ 5 000 tons; (4) Promote the developed manure fermentation technology and equipment of livestock and poultry.


As a professional chemical fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we provide a complete set of chemical fertilizer manufacturing process equipment. The industry trend of organic fertilizer production line requires changes in the core market. As a manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment, we should actively face market challenges, pay attention to high-tech investment, and adjust products according to the needs of the market. Become a good assistant for users to get rich.