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How much does it cost to produce organic fertilizer from sheep manure?


 Sheep manure fertilizer granulation process steps:

1. Production process

Collect sheep dung into a manure pile or put sheep dung in a fermentation tank-evenly sprinkle the fungus-turn the dumper and ferment-fermentation for 12-15 days-fermentation complete-sieving machine-crushing-mixing-granulating-packaging-sale.

2. Process flow of production equipment

(1) Trough type stacker

 Using trough-type biological fermentation, the width and length of the roulette turning machine and the fermentation tank, the fermented material is continuously poured into the fermentation tank, and the roulette fermentation machine is used to move the fermentation, and at the same time, it can achieve the purpose of water regulation and uniform mixing. Not only can it save a lot of land and a lot of labor, but also can achieve the purpose of fully decomposing.

(2) Forklift transportation

Use a shovel to move the fermented organic fertilizer that is turned to the top of the fermentation tank to the semi-finished product stacking area, which is convenient for handling the fermented organic fertilizer that is thrown to the top by the dumper every day and exit the tank in time.

(3) Screening machine

The fermented organic fertilizer is sieved, and the large lumps and impurities inside are separated, which is convenient for the next step of crushing and granulation processing.

(4) Semi-wet material crusher

The large debris and stones in the sieved organic fertilizer are separated and crushed, so that it is beautiful and can ensure the quality of the product.

(5) Organic fertilizer mixer

The sieved and crushed organic fertilizer is mixed and stirred to ensure the stability of the product quality.

(6) Disc granulation

The crushed organic fertilizer is granulated by a disc granulator machine for fertilizer.

The cost of sheep manure organic fertilizer can be more or less, mainly depending on the processing and production volume of organic fertilizer. The processing and production volume is large, and the cost investment is large. The processing output is small, and the investment cost is also small.