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How much is a set of new disc granulator equipment?


The new type of disc granulator equipment is also called: organic fertilizer disc granulator, users generally are more concerned about the price issue. There are many types of granulator equipment, and there are 10,000 to 50,000 small disc granulators. The price varies from yuan, which depends on your production output.

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry will take everyone to understand the fertilizer granulation process of organic fertilizer pan granulator:

1. Transport the treated organic materials such as cow dung, pig dung, duck dung, chicken dung, etc. directly to the raw material silo (or raw material mixer).

2. The organic material is transported to the disc homogenizer, and evenly added to the rotating disc of the disc granulator; the liquid component or an appropriate amount of water is sprinkled through the liquid component distributor of the disc granulator on the material in the disc, the amount of liquid phase required for ball formation is met; the rotating disc and the edge of the disc produce friction and centrifugal action on the material, causing the material to move in a circumferential direction, and the powder particles are mutually rubbed and kneaded. Squeeze and gradually agglomerate into balls; due to the difference in particle mass, the resulting gravity and centrifugal effect are also different. When the gravity and centrifugal effect are increased enough to overcome the friction between the particles, they will be thrown out of the disk. Smaller particles still stay in the disc and continue to agglomerate fine powder particles.

3. It is transported to the organic fertilizer dryer from the organic fertilizer granulator and exchanges heat with the heat from the hot air stove.

4. It is transported to the hot sieving to sort the particles, and the fine particles are directly returned to the disc homogenizer, and continue to participate in the adhesion of the particles into balls as the core.

5. It is conveyed to the organic fertilizer cooler, and the fertilizer is cooled by natural cooling air or strong cooling air.

6. Transported to the finished product sieving machine, the large particles are crushed by the pulverizer and then returned to the disc homogenizer to continue to participate in the ball formation.

7. The qualified products after screening are transported to the coating machine for coating treatment.

8. Transport to a fully automatic packaging scale for weighing, packaging and warehousing.

9. Drying, cooling and workshop dust are discharged after being treated by cyclone dust collector, labyrinth dust chamber, and wet washing to reach the standard.

The disc type granulator machine for fertilizer is mainly suitable for granulating powder, small granular or small block materials, such as organic fertilizer, coal powder, cement, clinker, chemical fertilizer, etc. The inclination angle of the disc can be adjusted and adjusted by the user. The range is between 35° and 55°.