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What equipment configuration is needed to make organic fertilizer from medicine residue?


New type of granular organic fertilizer for processing medicine residues, what are the complete sets of equipment for the organic fertilizer granulation process? The production process of organic fertilizer equipment: raw material selection (pig manure, etc.)>drying and sterilization—>fermentation—>crushing—>mixing—> fertilizer pellet machine> Drying —> Cooling —> Encapsulation —> Screening —> Metering and sealing —> Finished products are put into storage. The complete set of equipment is mainly composed of fermentation system, drying system, deodorization and dust removal system, crushing system, batching system, mixing system, granulation system and finished product packaging system; (livestock and poultry manure and other harmless treatment) fermentation system includes: feed conveyor, biological deodorizer, mixer, proprietary turning and throwing machine, oxygen supply system and automatic control system.

The organic matter content of traditional Chinese medicine dregs is often above 70%. According to the latest organic fertilizer standards, the total nutrients of traditional Chinese medicine dregs are usually not up to the standard. If the traditional Chinese medicine dregs are used as the main raw material to ferment to produce organic fertilizers, nitrogen-containing fertilizers and phosphorus can be added to the traditional Chinese medicine dregs Fertilizers or potassium-containing fertilizers, or binary or ternary compound fertilizers, and then add biological fermentation strains, after full fermentation, pulverize to obtain standard organic fertilizers.

Different medicinal residues have different fermentation ratios. For example, the research results found that when the urea content in Rhodiola rosea dregs is 2.50%, the content of humic acid and total phosphorus is the highest, and the total nitrogen content is higher, which is suitable for fermentation and production of organic fertilizer.

The scale and product plan design needs to be formulated according to the characteristics of raw material resources, local soil conditions, local planting structure and main crop varieties, factory site conditions, and the degree of automation of organic fertilizer granulation process.

Equipment configuration of three processes of traditional Chinese medicine residue treatment equipment:

Mainly the traditional Chinese medicine residue organic fertilizer granulation process, the traditional Chinese medicine residue feed production line and the traditional Chinese medicine residue pellet fuel production line. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry provides a complete set of traditional Chinese medicine residue processing equipment, pulverizers, mixers, fermentation tanks, anaerobic fermentation tanks, dehydrators, dryers, granulator machine for fertilizer, filling machines, cooling machines and other equipment are all supplied with high quality.

Technical characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine residue treatment based on customer needs:

1. Carry out technical processing based on customer needs, supply Chinese medicine residue organic fertilizer, pellet fuel and special equipment for feed production line;

2. Take low-cost production and high-yield as the treatment criteria, and rationally plan the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine residues for customers;

3. The entire production line adopts the company's new energy-saving technology, with low equipment power consumption and energy consumption, which effectively controls the cost of the production line for customers;

4. With environmental protection technology as the main focus, it adopts multi-stage purification and noise reduction technology to ensure that customers pass the environmental assessment and continuous and efficient production.