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Fertilization technique of urea in organic fertilizer production line


 1、Mixed use: Urea is one of the fertilizers with the highest nitrogen content in the organic fertilizer production line. The application of urea fertilizer can provide sufficient nitrogen fertilizer for plants, but the growth and development of plants need a full balance of many different elements, so the combination of urea and other elements of fertilizer is the key to make plants thrive. When urea is applied, it needs to be mixed with other elemental fertilizers to supplement nutrients for crop growth. When processing raw materials, we can process urea compound fertilizer through our company's organic fertilizer equipment, and the fertilizer mixer is fully stirred evenly. It should be noted that urea should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers. When urea is sprayed into the soil, it is converted into ammonia nitrogen, which can be absorbed by crops. If it is mixed with alkaline fertilizer, the nitrogen in urea will be converted into ammonia volatilization, thus losing its nutritional value. Therefore, urea should be used separately from alkaline fertilizer when applying fertilizer.

2、digging pit fertilization: normal spraying urea is difficult to achieve the ideal effect, so fertilization can not spray urea on the surface of crops, but in the crop surface about 20 cm from the place dug a 10 cm trench, urea into the ditch, covered with soil, and so on for about 5 days to irrigate, so that you can retain more urea nutrition.

3、Spray roots: When fertilizing crops, urea needs to be sprayed in the roots. When applying urea fertilizer to crops, it should be sprayed outside the roots, which can reduce the irritation to the crops and protect the crops from injury, so that the fertilization can make the crops better absorb nutrients. Topdressing also needs to control the concentration of urea, the concentration is controlled between 1% and 2%, can play a good role in promoting.