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The advantages of organic fertilizer equipment using animal manure to produce organic fertilizer


 1, improve crop production: organic fertilizer, such as livestock manure production of organic manure, organic manure in the production of livestock manure contains organic matter, for crops to provide nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and a variety of media and trace elements, and will rapidly multiply beneficial active bacteria, effectively inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, produce a variety of enzymes, promote the healthy growth of crops, enhance crop resistance. Greatly improve the quality of agricultural products. This will lead to healthier, more productive plants and higher crop yields.

2, cost-effective: organic fertilizer is usually cheaper than chemical fertilizer. In addition, organic fertilizer equipment using animal manure to produce organic fertilizer is a cost-effective way to dispose of livestock waste.

3. Sustainable: Organic fertilizers are derived from natural resources and are renewable. Organic fertilizer production lines By producing organic fertilizer from animal waste, farmers can reduce their reliance on synthetic fertilizers from non-renewable resources.

4, environmental protection: organic fertilizer than chemical fertilizer is less likely to cause pollution and environmental damage. Producing organic fertiliser from animal waste also helps reduce the amount of waste produced by livestock farming, which can have a negative impact on the environment.

5, improve soil health: Organic manure produced by animal manure is conducive to a large number of active bacteria directly involved in soil material and energy conversion, humus formation and decomposition process. They play an agglomerative role in soil aggregate structure. It can effectively improve soil physical properties, aeration and storage.

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