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Granulation characteristics of widely used organic fertilizer granulator


At present, the most widely used organic fertilizer granulation technology is the organic fertilizer granulator, which is used in animal manure, wet compost, mud, peat, cake fertilizer, farm manure, urban domestic waste and so on. It is especially suitable for granulation of organic fertilizer and fermentation fertilizer, suitable for various formulations.

The compressive strength of organic fertilizer granulator is higher than that of disc granulator and rotary granulator. The fertilizer granulation process saves the drying process before granulation and reduces the production cost. Organic fertilizer granulator has reasonable structure and high automation. The granulation rate is 99% and the yield is 98%. It will not affect the granulation of raw materials with high crude fiber content. When you dry organic fertilizer granules, it only needs to be dried at the right temperature. Beneficial microorganisms are retained during fertilizer granulation process. This can effectively ensure the survival of bacteria. It can be used to produce organic fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer and compound microbial organic fertilizer.

Granulation characteristics of widely used organic fertilizer granulator
Characteristics of organic fertilizer granulator

1. The granulated particles are spherical

2. The content of organic matter can reach 100%, which can reach pure organic granulation.

3. The principle of fertilizer pellet machine is that organic materials can grow with each other by using certain force. It doesn't need adhesive.

4. After granulation, solid particles can be screened to reduce energy consumption during drying.

5. After fermentation, the organic matter can be granulated directly without drying, and the moisture content in the raw material can reach about 40%.