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How can pig farms use organic fertilizer flippers to treat pig manure?


 Using pig manure as raw material, organic fertilizer is made into organic fertilizer through organic fertilizer fermentation equipment and fertilizer production process.
What equipment does the pig manure organic fertilizer production process include?
 1. Compost Windrow Turner: suitable for organic fertilizer raw materials such as animal manure, biogas residue, and straw.
 2. Semi-wet material crusher: The upper rotor is crushed to the lower rotor at high speed, which is suitable for some lump materials of wet materials.
 3. Organic fertilizer granulator: The pellet rate of the disc granulator can reach more than 93%, the granule has high hardness and good appearance.
 4. Roller screening machine: Separate the particles from the return material, and transport the return material from the belt conveyor to the disc granulator for reprocessing.
 Dryer: Because of the certain humidity, it is dry, the machine heat utilization rate is high, and the drying speed is fast. Automatic packaging scale: the pellet packaging of the finished product is on the market.

Fermentation method of pig manure organic fertilizer production process:
 compost. First, the feces are dried to 30% moisture and 40% moisture. The feces are mixed with crushed straw and other puffed materials at a weight of 100×10. Add 1 kg of clinker to every 100 kg of compost, mix well, and then pile 1, 5, 2, 0 m high fertilizer piles in the compost room for fermentation and maturation.
 During the fermentation process, the fermentation maturity of the compost can be determined according to the temperature change of the compost. When the temperature is 15 degrees, the temperature below 30 cm below the compost surface can reach 70 degrees Celsius on the third day after LO accumulation. When mixed, the temperature of the compost below 30 cm below the surface can reach 80 degrees Celsius, almost odorless.
Organic fertilizer fermentation
 Ten days after turning the pile at one time, the pile was turned a second time. When mixing, the temperature below 30 cm below the compost surface is 60 degrees Celsius. After 10 days, for the third time, the temperature below 30 cm below the surface of the compost was 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature after mixing was 30 degrees Celsius, and the moisture content was about 30%. After that, no more confusion, waiting to be cooked. Overripe usually takes 3 to 5 days, and another 10 days. When mature, it is made into compost. This high-temperature composting can kill eggs and weed seeds in the feces, and can also greatly reduce E. coli, and achieve the purpose of harmless treatment of organic fertilizer.