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How the organic fertilizer granulator turns fertilizer into treasure?


How does the organic fertilizer granulator process traditional animal manure into high-efficiency and low-cost organic fertilizer particles? Here is the answer to this mystery.

The first step is to ferment the animal manure that needs to be processed. On the one hand, the purpose of fermentation can increase the beneficial bacteria in the fertilizer, and on the other hand, it can also reduce the moisture in the fertilizer to prepare for the next step. The fermentation time depends on the temperature and the initial humidity of the feces. In summer, fermentation is generally about 10 days, and in autumn and winter, fermentation is generally about 2 weeks. Of course, if you are a qualified friend, you can directly add a drying equipment to avoid the fermentation step and greatly shorten the production cycle.

The second step is to pulverize. We all know that a large part of the fermented manure is lumpy and cannot be used directly by the organic fertilizer pellet machine. After pulverization, it becomes a powder with a diameter. It can be used to suppress particles if it is controlled below 2mm.

The third step is the fertilizer granulation process. First, use the flat mold series organic fertilizer granulator produced by Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Machinery to process the animal manure into cylindrical small rods. The fastening screws of the template are used to control the small rods. Long and short, after making small sticks, it enters the ball granulator for further processing, and the small sticks are thrown into small balls. The formed small balls are organic fertilizer particles, which are hard, bright and have good fertilizer efficiency.

There is also a little trick to tell you that in the process of organic fertilizer granulation, we can add a certain amount of straw powder or wheat bran, bran and other materials to reduce the humidity of the manure, which can reduce the time of manure fermentation. It can also reduce the cost of raw materials and increase sales profits, which can be said to be a multi-tasking thing.