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Points for attention in the operation of new organic fertilizer equipment


Zhengzhou Huaqiang machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of organic fertilizer production lines, semi-wet material shredders, drum screening machines and other compound fertilizer equipment. The company has won customers the unanimous praise with professional pre-sales and after-sales services. Today we will explain the operation method when the organic fertilizer equipment is turned on for the first time.

1. Before starting the organic fertilizer equipment:

Since the parts of the new equipment have not been run-in, the equipment needs to be heated up for the first startup, which generally requires 40-50 minutes. For specific operations, first raise the temperature to the motor V-belt by hand until it is comfortable, then pull the motor continuously for 8-10 times in accordance with the normal working options. Then continue to heat up for about 10 minutes.

2. Temperature adjustment after starting up:

We have already adjusted the temperature of the equipment before starting the machine. The processing of the materials in the fertilizer granulation process of the organic fertilizer equipment is determined by the characteristics of the materials themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to heat up after the machine is turned on, because normal production needs to continue. Supplement heat; adjust different temperatures according to different properties of plastics.

3. When the organic fertilizer equipment is working normally,

During normal work, the temperature of the machine should be kept stable, and should not fluctuate. Near the vent hole, the temperature of the machine head should be kept at about 200°C. Under this temperature, most materials can generally be processed well.

4. Shutdown of organic fertilizer equipment:

First, cut off the power supply of the host, and the plug (part with wrench) of the machine head must be removed. Preheat separately before the next use.

Organic fertilizer equipment is a heavy-duty machine. When operating organic fertilizer granulator equipment, you must strictly abide by the corresponding operating procedures and production items to ensure safe and effective production. When installing, pay attention to the vertical line between the host and the ground. After installation, check whether the screws of the machine are loose and whether the air box of the main unit door is fastened. If there is any looseness, please reinforce it to avoid accidents.