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Preparation work before using organic fertilizer granulator


In the production of organic fertilizer, because in the use of organic fertilizer, it is impossible to say that the organic fertilizer just produced is packaged and transported. Normally, some shapes are processed. At this time, organic fertilizer granulator is required. The granulator is ready, so what do I need to prepare before shape processing?

The preparatory work for granulation by the granulator, the raw materials for the manufactured organic fertilizers should meet the monotonous requirements of the demand, and further monotony should be made when required. The raw materials are sieved to remove agglomerates and mechanical impurities.

During the operation of the granulator machine for fertilizer, check whether the water, electricity, and gas systems in the equipment are normal, ensure that the water and gas paths are dredged and leak-proof, whether the electrical system is normal, whether the heating system, temperature control, and various instruments are obligatory and reliable; Run the car at low speed to observe whether the organic fertilizer production equipment can operate normally; start the vacuum pump of the finalizing table and observe whether the duty is normal; lubricate the smooth parts of various equipment. If shortcomings are found, remove them in time. Install the machine head and sizing sleeve, select the machine head specifications according to the product variety and size, and install the machine head in the following order.

The granulator operation can be started after the constant temperature when the machine is turned on. The head and the granulator flange bolts should be tightened again before starting to eliminate the difference in thermal expansion between the bolts and the head. The order of tightening the head bolts is diagonal Tighten, evenly. When tightening the flange nuts of the machine head, the tightness of all sides must be consistent, otherwise the material will run out.

When the granulator is in operation, press the "Prepare to start" button, then connect the "Start" button, and then slowly change the screw speed healing knob, the screw speed starts slowly. Then gradually speed up and add a small amount of material. And add enough material according to the demand, the operation of the twin-screw fertilizer pellet machine adopts the metering feeder to feed evenly and at the same speed, so that the organic fertilizer granulator can granulate more effectively.