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Selection of some organic fertilizer processing equipment


With increasing attention to environmental protection agriculture, the bio-organic fertilizer market has entered a period of rapid development, and organic fertilizer processing equipment has also become a wealthy weapon. However, there are many manufacturers of organic fertilizer equipment, and how to choose the appropriate organic fertilizer processing equipment has become the first problem for investors. Since most of the companies that produce organic fertilizers are not traditional compound fertilizer manufacturers, but instead have organic resources, companies that did not engage in fertilizer production, such as sugar factories, sewage treatment plants, farms, waste treatment plants, and food processing plants , Slaughterhouses, etc., or newly established production plants attached to these enterprises. The production process of organic fertilizer and inorganic compound fertilizer is completely different in the early stage. The selection of organic fertilizer production equipment will directly affect the production cost and product quality of organic fertilizer, as well as the size of the production site and the surrounding environment.

Generally speaking, the key equipment for bio-organic fertilizer production is the processing equipment before fermentation, mainly crushing and stirring equipment; the second is the turning equipment used during fermentation; the third is the deep processing equipment after fermentation, mainly the
organic fertilizer granulator.

The quality of raw material processing in the early stage will directly affect subsequent production. There are various types of crushers for different materials to be crushed. For example, materials that tend to clump, long fibers, wood, etc., require different shredders. The mixing equipment can be selected according to the output. There are single continuous discharging and double interval discharging. The appropriate one can be selected according to the needs to improve production efficiency.

The fermentation process generally uses a trough-type stacker. The materials can be stacked in the trough to a higher height, which can save space and efficiently turn the stack. Of course, relatively flexible strip-stack fermentation can also be considered. This method has no special requirements on the site, But it occupies much larger area than tank fermentation.

In the deep processing stage after fermentation, that is, the
fertilizer granulation process, the most important thing is the granulator machine for fertilizer. It depends on what kind of product is produced and what materials are added in it. There are dedicated organic fertilizer granulators and compound fertilizer granulators. These all correspond to materials suitable for production. Therefore, more investigations and comparisons are required when choosing bio-organic fertilizer production equipment.