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The development of organic fertilizer equipment


 The development of organic fertilizer equipment can be traced back to the origin of human agricultural civilization. In ancient times, people used organic waste such as animal dung and plant residues to fertilize crops to increase crop yields. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the rise of industrial production, the traditional way of fertilization has been unable to meet the requirements of sustainable development of modern agriculture. To solve this problem, organic fertilizer equipment came into being. The earliest organic manure equipment was a simple compost bucket or compost pit. With the continuous progress of science and technology, various advanced models of organic fertilizer equipment have been published. The organic fertilizer production line is improving day by day. Such as anaerobic fermenter, aerobic reactor, micro-ecological treatment system and other kinds of products, can quickly decompose waste, into high-quality organic compound fertilizer, energy saving, environmental protection, easy to operate and other characteristics. Surgery. In the future, with the increasing shortage of global resources and the more prominent problem of environmental pollution, the promotion and popularization of advanced organic fertilizer equipment will become one of the important tasks. Only by innovating the technology means and perfecting the management mode can we promote the sustainable and healthy development of Chinese agriculture.