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Using organic fertilizer production line to process chicken manure organic fertilizer


As the saying goes "fat water does not flow outside the field", "fat water" here refers to the human and animal fertilizer, now the chicken manure waste into treasure is the most direct way to use chicken manure organic fertilizer production line, with fresh chicken manure as raw material, after organic fertilizer equipment processing, production of natural organic chicken manure fertilizer.


Chicken manure is a natural organic fertilizer commonly used by farmers, which is rich in organic matter, humus and various elements required for the growth of fruit crops. It is widely used in fruit and vegetable cultivation. Composition analysis of organic manure from chicken manure: chicken manure contains 14.5% organic matter, 0.30 ~ 0.45% nitrogen, 0.15 ~ 0.25% phosphorus and 0.10 ~ 0.15% potassium. It is a valuable resource which can be used as soil fertilizer source by planting industry. The organic matter and nutrient content of chicken manure is good in various livestock, fine texture, more water, slow decomposition, low calorific value, is a late-acting fertilizer.


With chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment production line production of organic fertilizer, compact structure, advanced technology, the application of harmless live bacteria preparations to treat livestock and poultry manure, under the action of a variety of beneficial microorganisms for biological fermentation, fully decompose the organic matter, the release of nutrients, the formation of biological heat and high temperature fermentation process can kill germs, eggs, poison deodorization, purification of the environment, Achieve harmless, resource and industrialization, low energy consumption, stable product quality.