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Equipment flow chart of sulfur coated urea production line


Equipment flow of sulfur coated urea production line
 Equipment flow chart of sulfur coated urea production line
Coating machine is a device that coats powder or liquid on the surface of particles to realize the coating process. The equipment is specially designed for the internal structure according to the process requirements. It is an effective fertilizer special coating equipment. The use of coating technology can effectively prevent the agglomeration of fertilizers and achieve slow release. The rotary coating machine is driven by the main motor to drive the belt and pulley, and is transmitted to the driving shaft through the reducer. The split gear installed on the driving shaft meshes with the large ring gear fixed on the body, and rotates back. The materials are added from the feeding end, and can be discharged from the discharging end after being mixed inside the cylinder, thus realizing continuous production operations.

The whole structure can be divided into four parts:
1. Bracket part: The bracket part includes a front bracket and a rear bracket, which are fixed on the corresponding foundation to support the cylinder for positioning and rotation. The front and rear brackets are composed of brackets, supporting wheel racks and supporting wheels. During installation, the height and angle of the equipment can be adjusted by adjusting the distance between the two supporting wheels on the front and rear brackets.
2. Transmission part: The transmission part provides the necessary power for the normal operation of the entire coating machine. Its components include transmission frame, motor, triangle belt transmission mechanism, reducer and gear transmission mechanism, among which the reducer and gear adopt direct coupling or coupling to transmit drive according to the load.
3. Cylinder: The cylinder is the working part of the entire coating machine. There is a roller belt for support and a gear ring for transmission on the outside, and a baffle is welded inside to guide the material to flow slowly and make it evenly coated.
4. Coating part: use dusting machine or coating agent to coat the particles.