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  • Double Screws Compost Turning Machine
  • Double Screws Compost Turning Machine
  • Double Screws Compost Turning Machine

Double Screws Compost Turning Machine

The double-screws turning machine is used for fermenting and dump of organic wastes such as livestock manure, sludge garbage, sugar factory filter mud, dregs cake and straw sawdust.
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The double screws compost turning machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation, and can be used in conjunction with solar energy fermentation room, fermentation tank and moving machine. It can be used together with the moving machine to realize the function of many of slots for one machine. The fermentation trough can be continuously discharged or batch discharged. High efficiency, smooth operation, strong and durable, and even throwing.
The double screws compost turning machine is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting. The equipment uses two spiral blades that mesh with each other and turn in opposite directions to turn the material at the bottom of the fermentation tank to the upper part. At the same time, it moves horizontally and vertically, so that the material and the oxygen in the air can fully contact, so as to be aerobic. The effect of fermentation and turning over to cool down.

1. The stirring function in the raw material conditioning.
2. Mediate the temperature of the material heap.
3. Improve the permeability of the raw material heap.
4. Adjust the water of the raw material heap.
5. The special requirements of the composting process are realized.
6. Improve the permeability of the raw material pile. The turning system can process the materials into small clumps, making the sticky and dense raw material piles fluffy and elastic, forming a suitable porosity
Model Main motor Girder walking motor Turn over the pile motor Hydraulic pump motor Groove depth
LX6m 15kW 1.5kWX2 1.1kWX2 4kW 1-1.7m
LX9m 15kW 1.5kWX2 1.1kWX2 4kW
LX12m 15kW 1.5kWX2 1.1kWX2 4kW
LX15m 15kW 1.5kWX2 1.1kWX2 4kW
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