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How to choose a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers?


At present, organic fertilizer equipment has become a trend in the fertilizer processing industry. To invest in an organic fertilizer production project, in terms of investment costs, first consider the expenditure of equipment purchase. After all, once the project plan is established, the investment project scale and investment the funding has a clear plan direction;

It is still more important to choose from a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, because the entire production line is produced by a single manufacturer. In the long-term processing and running-in, a relatively complete production system has been formed, and the equipment can operate in good condition.

Secondly, it is determined whether the powdery or granular organic fertilizer processing technology determines which equipment to purchase. The size of the site determines the price of the organic fertilizer production line invested. A common practice is that the equipment manufacturer sends staff to plan the user's available building area and planned capital, so as to make a choice of fertilizer granulation process configuration. Therefore, it is very necessary to find a manufacturer with advanced technology and reliable technology to do the planning guidance during the planning stage.

Small and medium-sized organic fertilizer production line equipment technology is basically divided into powder and granular two types, as a user, not only must have a clear understanding of the production process of the entire organic fertilizer production line process, but also must be aware of the components of the equipment and accessories. Whether we choose fermentation equipment, organic fertilizer granulator or conveyors, we need to make reasonable choices based on technology, site, and capacity.

Simple powdered organic fertilizer equipment needs to be fermented, decomposed, crushed, and sieved. Only one organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, semi-wet material crusher, and drum screening machine are needed. The main purpose of the screening machine here is In order to screen out chicken feathers, plastics and other impurities that are difficult to decompose;

A simple granular organic fertilizer production line requires fermentation, smashing, sieving, and granulation, while a refined granular organic fertilizer production line requires fermentation, smashing, sieving, mixing, granulator machine for fertilizer, drying, cooling, sieving, envelope, packaging, etc. links.