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Points to note in the use of organic fertilizer machine


After purchasing the organic fertilizer equipment, you can use it without assembling the fertilizer granulation process of the organic fertilizer equipment. It must be trained to professionally operate the organic fertilizer equipment in order to produce safely in the future. At the same time, professional maintenance personnel are also needed. Only when the equipment fails can be repaired immediately, and there are ways to deal with the various problems that may occur in the equipment. Similarly, when the equipment is produced, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and to work better with safety guarantees. Here are some points that should be paid attention to when using organic fertilizer equipment:

One, master equipment performance

Familiar with the operation methods, maintenance essentials, production capacity and application scope of organic fertilizer pellet machine, familiar with the functions of all equipment controllers and alarm devices, and at the same time, be sure to read the warning instructions carefully, and note that there will be a security incident the equipment continues to operate under low pressure, high temperature, etc.

Two, Familiar with operating procedures

The safe production of organic fertilizer equipment depends on the careful operation of the operators and the mastery of the technical performance of the equipment. Therefore, be familiar with and master the operating requirements of the organic fertilizer equipment, the hidden dangers of the work site and preventive measures, and discuss such issues with the managers it is the responsibility of every operator.

Three, check before starting

Before starting the organic fertilizer granulator equipment, be sure to confirm that the protective device is safe and undamaged, check whether the oil circuit system is normal, whether there is oil leakage and check whether the components in the organic fertilizer equipment are tightly installed, etc., to ensure that the equipment is free of any hidden dangers start again.

After purchasing the equipment, it must be equipped with specialized operation and maintenance personnel before it can be used. Safety is the top priority of production, and only production under the condition of ensuring safety is good.