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High and low configuration of granular organic fertilizer production line equipment


We all know that organic fertilizer can play a very good fertilizer effect on our farmland crops. Organic fertilizer can improve the quality of our agricultural products better than chemical fertilizer. In addition, our country vigorously promotes organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer projects, which makes us more organic fertilizer. The popularization of the project has accelerated.

Organic fertilizer is a fertilizer produced after fermentation using some agricultural waste, livestock manure, industrial waste, domestic garbage, urban sludge and other substances containing organic matter. At this stage, organic fertilizer in our country is mainly applied to fruits and vegetables.

The production process of organic fertilizer is diversified, and the equipment flow is also diversified. The relatively simple organic fertilizer processing equipment is powdered organic fertilizer processing equipment. As long as the post-fermentation, mixer, granulator machine for fertilizer, rounding machine, and sieving machine can be directly packaged. This configuration is generally recommended for use with an output of less than 10,000 tons.

Low allocation of organic fertilizer equipment; forklift silo, mixer, grinder, organic fertilizer granulator, screening machine. For users with relatively small output, this configuration requires less investment and requires 2-4 people to operate.

It is equipped with organic fertilizer equipment; trough dumper (fermentation), forklift silo, mixer, granulator, rounding machine, screening machine, dryer, cooler, packaging machine. This configuration process requires 3-6 people, and also requires a forklift to feed.

High allocation of organic fertilizer equipment in the organic fertilizer granulation process; chain-plate dumper (full automatic control, one-key discharging), horizontal mixer, new organic fertilizer granulator, rounding machine, drum screening machine, double dryer, cooler, coating Machine, packaging machine. This set of configuration is mainly reflected in the realization of full automation of the entire process. There is no need for personnel from fermentation to finished products. The drying process is dried at low temperature to ensure the survival rate of biological bacteria in the bio-organic fertilizer. The entire set of equipment requires only 2-6 people to operate. This set of equipment is suitable for the production of 10,000 to 300,000 tons.

The higher the configuration, the higher the output and the lower the relative cost per ton. According to the different output and raw materials we need, choosing suitable equipment can more effectively improve efficiency and control costs.

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry fully supports the organic fertilizer replacement chemical fertilizer project advocated by the state. Improving equipment quality, increasing output, and reducing cost consumption are the goals we have been pursuing.