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How to choose the appropriate organic fertilizer equipment?


Organic fertilizer production equipment is to ferment and decompose organic fertilizer raw materials, crush them by a pulverizer and then screen them through a sieving machine for granulation processing. After the processed granules are dried and cooled, they are packaged into bags by a packaging machine and sold in the market. The entire organic fertilizer granulation process is completed by multiple production equipment, and each link complements each other to present the final product. 

There are many choices for every equipment in each link of the organic fertilizer production equipment. It is not a single fixed production mode. For example, the mixing process, our common mixers include vertical mixing, horizontal mixing, double-shaft mixing, etc. Screening can also be vibrating screen powder, drum screening; organic fertilizer granulator includes disc granulation, extrusion granulation, stirring tooth granulation, all-in-one granulation and so on.

Including organic fertilizer production equipment, the equipment and equipment transportation links can include belt conveyors, screw conveyors, and large-incline conveyors. There are many options for a single device in each link, and the entire organic fertilizer production line has more matching combinations. In addition, each device has different models, and the entire organic fertilizer production line has more options.

1. Consider from price and quality issues.

For organic fertilizer equipment, such as medium and large machinery, the price is not cheap, so we must give priority to quality when purchasing, and then consider the price. Don't blindly find cheap machinery, but also pay attention to quality. If the quality is not good , No matter how cheap equipment is bought, it is still a pile of scrap iron, so we must look for manufacturers and sales channels, shop around and see which manufacturer makes equipment with better quality and higher cost performance. If it is suitable for us, buy it.

2. Application of organic fertilizer equipment.

Different organic fertilizer equipment uses different methods, and the manufacturing process and products produced are also very different, so we must first consider what we are going to use organic fertilizer equipment for, and then choose the equipment. Many customers are mainly used to make fertilizers, and some are used as raw materials, so the use is different, the use is different. If it is to improve the quality of the soil, then you can choose the organic fertilizer pellet machine. This equipment can meet our needs. The use of organic fertilizer equipment is affordable and easy to operate.