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Precautions when using organic fertilizer granulator


The organic fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of simple operation, low energy consumption, long service life, and strong wear resistance. It is recognized by many customers, but most customers do not pay much attention to the maintenance of the machine, which causes the machine to malfunction and seriously affect the machine service life and production efficiency.

When using the granulator machine for fertilizer granulation, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Workers should feed the material uniformly, and don't change the quantity and quantity, which will affect the quality and output of pellets.

2. Check all parts frequently to see if the screws are loose, and if they are loose, they should be firm in time.

3. It is necessary to change the engine oil frequently. If the engine oil is not changed for a long time, oxides will be generated, and some materials will get in, which will affect the service life of the machine.

4. The wearing parts should be replaced frequently in the fertilizer granulation process. Using the machine for a long time will cause the wearing parts to wear out, and the parts must be replaced before the wearing parts are completely unusable.

5. Do not overload the machine for a long time. Machines, like humans, also need to rest. Reasonable rest of the machine will increase the service life.

6. If the bearing rises steadily, stop the machine in time to check the cause. (Organic fertilizer granulation products)

7. It is strictly forbidden to mix stones and iron into the material to avoid damage to the roller.

8. The gear oil should be changed regularly, generally every 4 months, according to the manufacturer's requirements and actual usage.