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How is organic fertilizer made?


Let's see how organic fertilizer is made:

1. Fermentation tank: According to the daily output of about 10 tons of finished organic fertilizer (water content less than 30%), it needs to process about 30-40 tons of fresh animal manure (water content 60%-90%) every day, and it needs to be built in the factory shed. 3 meters in width × 100 meters in length × 1.5 meters in depth (about 400 tons of raw materials can be fermented) 2 fermentation tanks (used for alternate fermentation).

2. Stack turning machine: 1. Fixed track type rake turning machine: two fermentation tanks share one stack turning machine (including exchange equipment); 2. If a mobile diesel engine tractor type rake turning machine (walking type turning and throwing machine) is used, you don’t need to build a fermentation tank, just pile it on the ground for growth

3. Organic fertilizer crusher: The fermented organic fertilizer is crushed to more than 40 mesh, the finer the crushed, the more beautiful the later granulation by the fertilizer pellet machine.

4. Conveyor: Configure belt conveyor, bucket elevator or screw conveyor according to the actual needs of customers. According to the length of the transmission, a production line generally requires two conveyor belts of about 10 meters.

5. Packaging machine: It is mainly composed of material import, feeding mechanism (gate), weighing hopper, bag clamping mechanism, frame, suction port, pneumatic system, sensor, control box, conveying and sewing mechanism, etc.

6. Formula mixer: Mix and stir the formulated formula elements evenly.

7. Organic fertilizer granulator: The formulated fertilizer elements are used to agglomerate the powder into granules under mechanical action using centrifugal granules.

8. Fertilizer granule coating machine: Coating a layer of coating agent on the surface of the finished granules to prevent the fertilizer granules from sticking.

Regardless of the configuration of the organic fertilizer production equipment, it must be fermented. The manure is collected, mixed with hay and rotten silage, etc., to make compost, and let it ferment. In the fertilizer granulation process of fermentation, a composting machine is used to fully ferment the manure. Modern aerobic composting uses composting equipment and fermentation strains to stabilize and harmless organic fertilizer by using aerobic microorganisms under aerobic conditions. , and then transformed into a high-quality fertilizer method.