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Structure and application field of organic fertilizer granulator


Organic fertilizer granulator is another typical application of internal mixer and single screw extruder. Open the discharge port, block the discharge port, and try again to see if the action is normal. The single-machine production capacity of the organic fertilizer granulator can reach 7000kg/hr, which is more suitable for granulating production of large-scale materials. The captain and assembly form can be determined according to user requirements. The drive can be electric drum or drive assembly with drive frame. Linear polymers have a long-chain molecular structure. These long-chain molecules are always intertwined, overlapped and entangled with each other to form a so-called random coil structure.

The precise temperature control of the organic fertilizer granulator ensures the low-temperature granulation process. The extraordinary isolation agent receiving and taking system effectively solves the dust problem during production, and the added isolation agent will not cause problems, and the isolation after receiving The agent can be operated again. The other modes of the organic fertilizer granulator do not need to be supervised by the operator. The method is to use the slotted feed conveyor driven by the electric idea to support and split the strips from the die to the pelletizer.

The technical characteristics of the organic fertilizer granulator: It adopts a new process of cold processing in the whole fertilizer granulation process, and has a lower processing temperature, which can prevent the rubber additives from melting and recrystallizing and damaging the originally refined particle size of the additives, guaranteeing the maximum The characteristics of "refined and solubilized" in formula design are improved. The molten polymer from the organic fertilizer granulator is extruded from the hot die and cut into pellets by the twisting knife twisted on the die surface.