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What are the functions and benefits of organic fertilizer granulator


Why choose granulator for processing organic fertilizer? What are the benefits? In this era of rapid development of science and technology, people's living standards have been greatly improved, and more and more new things have come into contact. Today, Zhengzhou Huaqiang heavy industry, an organic fertilizer granulator manufacturer, will introduce its benefits to you.

What are the functions and benefits of organic fertilizer granulator
Due to high granulation rate, stable operation, strong and durable equipment and long service life, organic fertilizer granulator is selected as the ideal product by the majority of users. The shell of granulator is made of thick seamless steel tube, which is durable and not deformed. In addition, the stable base design makes its operation more stable.

The organic fertilizer granulator can continuously mix, granulate, spheroidize and densify in the machine by using the high-speed rotating mechanical stirring force and the resulting aerodynamic force, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. The particle shape is spherical, the sphericity is ≥ 0.7, the particle size is generally between 0.3 mm and 3 mm, and the granulation rate is ≥ 90%. The particle size can be adjusted according to the mixing amount of material moisture and the spindle speed. Generally, the lower the mixing amount is, the higher the speed is, and vice versa.

Scope of application: especially suitable for granulation of light and fine powder. The finer the basic particles, the higher the sphericity and the better the quality of the particles. The fertilizer pellet machine is generally required that the particle size of the material before granulation should be less than 50 mesh. Typical application materials include chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, carbon black, clay, kaolin, etc.