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Why does the output of organic fertilizer granulator not go up sometimes?


For the same organic fertilizer granulator, the reason why the test machine is not the same as the actual particle shape lies in the materials used. During the test run, the manufacturer will give the user some materials prepared in advance, whether the density or humidity of the materials are just right. Therefore, when pressing the organic fertilizer granules, the molding rate is very high, and the particles are beautiful, but the users go back In the future, the materials used are not as perfect as when the machine was tested, resulting in different results. In fact, this problem is caused by the unqualified product quality of some manufacturers, and the compatibility of equipment is not good, which leads to this situation.

Why does the output of organic fertilizer granulator not go up sometimes?
As we all know, the molding rate of organic fertilizer granulator directly reflects the quality of organic fertilizer equipment, and also determines the profits of customers. The equipment with high molding rate can naturally bring high return on investment for customers. We have already understood that the low molding rate is mainly due to the low compactness of the particles and the loose particles. Although the traditional disc fertilizer pellet machine can be formed at one time, it can not guarantee the quality of particles. Therefore, the new technology of ball shaping machine is now used to make organic fertilizer granules. Firstly, the materials are made into granules by the pelletizer, and then the particles are shaped into small balls. Because the compactness is greatly increased in the process of pressing particles, it is not easy to loose in the rolling process, which ensures the high molding rate of different materials. Therefore, whether we can produce high-quality products to seize the market, whether we can buy a good quality organic fertilizer granulator is the primary key.