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Process characteristics and advantages of extruding organic fertilizer granulator


As the extruding organic fertilizer granulator is a fertilizer granulating equipment, adopting normal temperature process, no drying time, and the output is 1-4 tons / hour, the equipment has less investment, quick effect, good economic benefit, small volume, scientific, reasonable, advanced technology, energy saving, no waste, stable operation and convenient maintenance, what are the actual advantages and characteristics in use?

Process characteristics and advantages of extruding organic fertilizer granulator

In the operation of the extruding organic fertilizer granulator, mass production is possible through the continuous rotation of the motor and the continuous entry of materials. Therefore, it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation and low energy consumption. The main parts such as drum are made of new metal with corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance. The professional fertilizer granulation extrusion machine manufacturer has also upgraded the frame parts and bearing frame It is made of high quality anti-corrosion casting and has good stability, which can greatly improve the service life of rolling bearing and large shaft. The life transmission part adopts double input transmission mode.

Extrusion fertilizer granulation process not only improves the input power ratio, but also ensures the lubrication and sealing performance of the transmission gear. It has the advantages of compact structure, good stability, excellent sealing performance, low noise and convenient operation and maintenance. The device can automatically extrude and granulate organic fertilizer, with large and uniform particle density, good granule formability, difficult hole opening, high granulation efficiency and saving Labor intensity.

During the operation of the extruding organic fertilizer granulator, it is necessary to check and clean the lubricating oil system regularly, check the alignment of the bearing after 3 months of operation, conduct electrical test and inspection to determine the cause of rotor imbalance, adjust the dynamic balance when the value exceeds the specified value, and regularly check the heating and cooling system of the fertilizer pellet machine to ensure that the material is uniformly melted and the extruder is started The instantaneous increase of the power curve and melt pressure curve of the main motor indicates that the supply of the supply system is too large, and the supply must be reduced.