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  • Double Axis Mixer
  • Double Axis Mixer
  • Double Axis Mixer

Double Axis Mixer

The double shafts mixer is rotated by two sets of axles with spiral blades, adding water to wet, stir and transport the powdery materials to make the powdery material reach the controllable humidity. This equipment is mainly applied to the humidification
Model: ZYQ-QZ 400/450/500      
Motor Power: 11/15/18.5
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The double axis mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical sprial shafts to add water and agitate the powdery material such as dry ash,and uniformly humidify the dry ash power material so that the humidified material does not dry ash and does not ozze out.The purpose of the water droplets is to facilitate the transportation of humidified ash loading vechicles or transfer to other convveying equipment.It is mainly used in the occasion of humidification and loading of fly ash or similar materials in thermal power plants,mines and other industries.

When the dry powder material enters the body evenly through the feed intake through the feed intake, the power drive machinery drives the spiral spindle with multiple groups of blades to rotate, and the passive spiral shaft is driven by the meshing transmission gear to rotate the main shaft at the same speed, so that the material is stirred and pushed to the humidifier section of the tank body. After the material is pushed to the humidifying section, the humidifier automatically sprays the material and then fully stirs up the mixing section after the tank. When the material reaches the controlled humidity, it is discharged from the discharge port and enters the next process.

The double shafts mixer is mainly composed of following parts:
1. Main motor and reducer (the transmission part);
2. Paired meshing drive gears;
3. Front and rear thrust bearing assemblies;
4. Main and passive spiral stirring shafts;
5. Tank;
6. Humidifier;
7. Inlet and outlet;
8. Base frame.
Model ZYQ-QZ Reducer Model Power (kW) Spindle speed (r/mm) Rotating diameter (mm) Prod Capacity (t/h) Weight kg
400 400-1V-2 11 52 400 20 2350
450 500-1V-2 15 52 450 25 2620
500 500-1V-2 18.5 53 500 30 2980
550 650-1V-2 22 53 550 35 3450
600 650-1V-2 30 52 600 40 3850
650 750-1V-2 37 52 650 45 4260
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