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How does the organic fertilizer granulator make granules?


Granulation is important part of organic fertilizer equipment. If organic fertilizer is made into granular form, organic fertilizer granulator is indispensable. At present, there are several types of organic fertilizer granulation equipment on the market, including disc granulator and flat granulator. Film granulator, double-roll extrusion granulator. The granulation is mainly based on several methods such as stirring granulation, extrusion granulation and spray drying granulation.

The function of the organic fertilizer granulator is to granulate organic fertilizer. The granulator machine for fertilizer equipment uses pressure to agglomerate solid materials together, and then squeezes the materials by two counter-rotating rollers, which are driven by an eccentric sleeve or a hydraulic system. When the solid material is squeezed, the air between the powder particles is first removed to rearrange the particles to eliminate the gaps between the materials.

There are several advantages after using organic fertilizer granulator to make organic fertilizer into the size and shape of chemical fertilizer, that is, it can make the land easier to digest, so that the organic fertilizer can be quickly integrated with the land. The second is to make the organic fertilizer faster. The nutrient distribution of the fertilizer is even. The third is the convenience of transportation, so that we can directly put it in the bag for transportation. The fourth is the convenience of storage. We can dry it and put it in the warehouse for storage without worrying about the deterioration or rot of the organic fertilizer.