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Use of organic fertilizer equipment


According to the reaction of some organic fertilizer plants, some problems occur frequently in the equipment, such as some mechanical positions cannot be rotated normally, some parts are easily damaged, and even some places that are not prone to problems are also damaged. Then how did these problems occur? How to solve it?

All machinery manufacturing plants and all machinery and equipment cannot guarantee that there will be no problems with machinery and equipment after leaving the factory, but we can greatly reduce the frequency of these problems through correct use of repair and maintenance, thereby reducing our time and material Loss.

Many problem manufacturers are operating normally when they are there, but why does the equipment have various problems after the manufacturer’s technician’s leave? The first thing to talk about is the standard of use. Some equipment needs to be idling before feeding, and some equipment needs to be started up gradually with other equipment. For example: organic fertilizer granulator and grinder, all of which need the following equipment to run In the future, it will be started under idling conditions to avoid blockage caused by material accumulation. The drum-type drying drum needs to be preheated in advance. If the drum body is fed without preheating, it is easy to cause the phenomenon that the moisture of the material cannot be evaporated.

Raw materials: Many people may feel that equipment problems are not directly related to raw materials. This idea is wrong. Many equipment problems are caused by raw materials. For example: the raw materials are not pure, and the raw materials are mixed with stones, plastics, iron blocks, and other debris, which will cause damage to the equipment, or even scrap. The chain-plate stacker, if it encounters stones during work, it will cause damage to the blades and the chain plates. Our shredders and granulators are high-speed running equipment. When something particularly hard enters, it is easy to damage the cutter head, blade, and inner wall of the equipment. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it is more likely to cause irreparable damage. Even the equipment is scrapped.

The raw materials of organic fertilizers need to be fermented to be reproduced. Some materials are not fully fermented and the moisture is not balanced, which will also cause certain damage to the equipment. For example: when the raw materials are not fully fermented, the moisture is too large, etc., the granulation The first thing that is damaged in the fertilizer granulation process is the shredder blade and the fertilizer pellet machine, which will significantly reduce the yield. Each set of equipment has an approved workload, please do not overload it during use.

Zhengzhou Huaqiang is a manufacturer of fertilizer equipment and organic fertilizer equipment, ensuring that each piece of equipment is qualified, ensuring that the equipment delivered to the owner can be transferred normally, and ensuring that our technical after-sales service is on call. Here, I hope that every customer will be able to produce smoothly, with unlimited prospects.