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Two points should be paid attention to in the purchase of organic fertilizer granulator


The application scope of organic fertilizer granulator is more and more extensive. It has been successfully applied in many practical industrial fields, including organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, feed, food industry, medicine, environmental protection and so on. The application of organic fertilizer granulator in the organic fertilizer industry has received high recognition from the majority of users. So, as a user, choosing a high-quality organic fertilizer granulator will save cost and time for the production project. How to choose the organic fertilizer granulator?

1. Granulation uniformity: as an organic fertilizer granulator, its mixing effect determines the quality of the equipment, which is also an important factor for users to produce compound fertilizer granulation.

2. Wear resistance of equipment: in the fertilizer granulation process, the impact of materials on the granulation equipment often occurs, so in terms of the service life of the equipment, the more wear-resistant the material selection of the equipment is, the longer the service life of the equipment is. For users, the more cost-effective the purchase of this organic fertilizer granulator is, the lower the cost is. 

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