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What are the advantages of extruding organic fertilizer granulator


Extruding organic fertilizer granulator is suitable for bio organic fertilizer granulation with peat, sludge, chicken manure, livestock manure, lignite and straw as raw materials. It can also produce mixed feed granulation with corn powder, bean powder and grass powder.
What are the advantages of extruding organic fertilizer granulator
Features of new type organic fertilizer granulator:
1. Beautiful appearance, simple structure, simple operation and maintenance, safe and reliable, small size, light weight and other characteristics, users do not need special training and study, just look at the manual to operate.
2. The utility model has the characteristics of multi-purpose of one machine, which can produce feed after the fertilizer production period, so as to solve the problem that one machine is idle for half a year.
3. Due to its low power and high output, it is an ideal medium and small equipment for bio organic fertilizer plants, feed plants, agriculture and animal husbandry plants, sewage treatment plants, townships, towns, villages and villages.
4. This fertilizer pellet machine can directly produce spherical particles in one step, no size, no material return, 100% ball forming rate, with drying function, so the production cost is low, suitable for machine seeding.
5. Low moisture requirement for raw materials, easy drying and post-treatment, low drying cost. Because it can be dried or dried in the air at low temperature, it will not affect the viable number of biological bacterial fertilizer.
6. The wear of the wearing parts is small and the cost is low.
7. The problem of sticking plate when urea content is high in green fertilizer formula is solved successfully.
8. It has a wide range of adaptability to all kinds of materials in organic fertilizer granulation.